Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise During the Winter

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It can definitely get tough to keep up with your exercise routine during the winter. The mornings and evenings are dark and cold, and often the daytime is frigid. Bad weather can set in, as can ailments such as colds and flu. What can you do to stay motivated to exercise during these cold months? It’s possible! Below are a few winter workout tips.

Remain Healthy

Take a good multivitamin and make sure your diet is excellent to assist prevent sickness. Having a good night’s sleep is essential for wellness, too, and puts you in a much better mood for exercising. You begin the day with more energy, and it’s much easier to get up early (if that’s when you work out) if you are well-rested.

The Proper Gear

If you have the proper exercise gear, it’s much more cozy to work out if you are intending to be outdoors. Moisture-absorbing, thermal underwear and lightweight, insulating layers are the best option. Additionally, buying some new gear and clothing could be another way to stay motivated – it’s more enjoyable when you have new stuff to put on!

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Find a Companion

Working out can be more enjoyable with a friend, and he or she can keep you on track. It gives you someone to talk to and can be social time you look forward to as opposed to just workout time. And if someone will be expecting you to show up for your work out, you are more likely to get there.

Indoor Activities

Even in a tiny house and in the lack of a gym membership, you have options for aerobic exercise. Consider a Yoga ball, for instance, or workout videos. In addition, you might invest in a small trampoline to do some jogging in place – the springy cushioning of the trampoline is easier on your joints.

Fun Things

Try to look for activities you love for your winter workout. You’re not likely to stay motivated if you hate your exercise routine! Winter might be the time for you to become a member of that Yoga or belly dancing class you’ve been planning to take; it might be a good time to join martial arts classes or dance-based aerobics. Spending money on a class and making an attendance commitment can go a long way toward keeping you motivated.

Get Ready

Nothing puts you off your exercise like being disorganized – you can’t find your gym bag, or your running shoes, or your mitts. You may use up all your exercise time looking for stuff you need! The night before, lay out your gear. Fill up your water bottle and put it in the fridge. Lay out shoes and socks by the door, and pack your gym bag. This only requires a couple of minutes, but can occupy all kinds of time in the morning when you have other distractions!

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Rob S. says:

Working out and staying fit during the winter is probably the toughest form of exercise, especially for those who haven’t been active in some time. A bit of research is needed beforehand, such as finding out what the weather is going to be like for that day. If you were to go out for a jog during a 20-degree morning, for example, foregoing a fleece coat is the worst thing to do and the absence of gloves hurts as well.