Water Detox Scams and How to Avoid Them

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Business nowadays can be a very treacherous path to take, especially with all the scams going about everywhere. Surprisingly, you could not only get scammed by investing on purely money related industries but also via the health industry too. There is one scam in the field of health science which is becoming really popular and has victimized numerous people already; this is the water detox scam.

Being Healthy Has a Price

This scam actually comes in a number of names such as: Foot Detox Spa, Bio-Sync Detox, Bio Detox, Platinum Detox, Mary Staggs Ionic Spa, ionSpa, Water Detox, Bionic Baby-D Foot Spa, HydroTherapy, IonCleanse, Energy Balancer Detox Footbath, Hydra Detox, Aqua-Chi, Bio-Cleanse, Emerald Detox, Q2 Energy Spa, Pure-Charge Energetic Spa, Ionic Detox Box, PediTox, and P.E.P. Body Purge. Although it may come in different names, the whole mode of operation is basically the same for these products.

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The whole health program or treatment is an eccentric therapy that is said to be based on the research and findings of Dr. Royal Rife, who is a medical scientist. The system creates a frequency of negative and positive ions. However, the manufacturer claims that this frequency has the ability to gently resonate through the users body. As it resonates, it could also stimulate the cells along the way. When the cells are stimulated, then they would gain balance of their cellular energy. Thus, they are enabled to effectively perform their duty in your body and get rid of all the toxin build-ups that may have occurred through time. Nevertheless, these are just the claims of the manufacturer.

The Mechanics

The principle of the treatment is very simple. All you’ll have to do is place your feet into a foot-spa-like bath that is comprised of lukewarm water with some salt added to it to make the water become more conductible. According to the manufacturer, once you turn on this apparatus an electrolytic flow occurs that gives the water in the bath a bio-energetic field. This field lets a gentle bio-energetic resonance travel into your body. Thus, the water in the bath where your foot is in becomes an extension of your body’s water or fluids, in which the only barrier between the two is nothing more than a thin membrane, known as your skin.

The product claims that this treatment can give a positive effect on your body’s microcirculation, which is your body’s fluid circulation that involves substance interchanges between your blood and tissues. Microcirculation is also said to play a vital role in regulating nutrient and oxygen supply to your tissues so that you can properly excrete your body’s waste products.

How it Became a Scam

The issue in this kind of trade became controversial when some manufacturers claimed that the water color of your footbath would indicate areas in your body that were cleared from toxins. If its black, then it’s your liver; orange if it’s your joints; green if it’s your gall bladder; and etcetera.

However, a lot of critics say these kinds of machines are merely AC/DC transformers with ferrous electrodes, which corrode in order to create rust or a brownish color that dispersed into the water of your apparatus. The difference in color could be accounted by changing the amount of salt that is added to the bath and difference in the electrode composition. To make it short, what happens is a simple chemistry reaction called electrolysis. The truth is, the water in the bath would still change its color, whether or not there are feet in the bath or not.

Additionally, dialysis was done to the water that resulted in findings that said the brownish substance in the water is actually iron-based. The water also does not have any signs of creatinine or urea, which are essential in the real detoxification process.

Such kind of companies only use the color changing phenomenon to impress people and make them interested more with their apparatus. Also, they use jargons of toxin pseudoscience such as: bio-energy, cellular energy, bio-stimulation, and some other terms, simply to mislead and confuse people.

Keeping it Safe

You may see a lot of companies offering this kind of treatments or even apparatus. However, such kind of treatment has no basis yet in supporting their claims. So, the best way that you could avoid being scammed by this kind of marketing, then it would be best that you do not buy one. Additionally, if you really want to know whether you have any problems with your body’s liver, gall bladder and other internal organs, it would be best to consult your doctor.

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Nescio says:

Unfortunately most of what Paul has written above is not true. Osmosis is the movement of water (and only water) across a semi-permeable membrane, like a cell wall. Toxins cannot be removed by osmosis, and negatively charged hydrogen ions cannot enter the body by osmosis. If you electrolyse salt dissolved in water you produce sodium hydroxide (lye) and chlorine (which forms hydrochloric and hypochlorous acids in water), neither of which will do your health any good at all. Negatively charged hydrogen ions are highly reactive and rapidly react with water to form hydroxide, otherwise they would damage our bodies even more than hydroxide does. There is a lot of nonsense written about hydrogen, most of which is advertising material for various products. To anyone who has studied chemistry, these claims are obvious pseudoscience.

Water Detox Scams.

You are basically correct in your statement of how the Detox footbaths became a scam. The dirt in the water does come from the water itself and from the water modules used. The Detox footbath hoax has been running since 2002. Since Mr. Bob Moroney (Ion Cleanse), who was a client of the BEFE machine prior to that, decided that he would no longer stick to the guidelines of what the technology really did for people because on a marketing angle talking about the dirt in the water was such a visual that would increase sale dramatically. So he decided to produce his own device. With full knowledge that his technology does not work as he stated to the original inventor of the BEFE technology, but does he care? It is about profits.

The Q ENERGYspa® is unique

However you have included one device, the QEnergySpa, which should not be included in this list of scams because it is different and quite unique and original and with a little more research you may have found that this is one technology that is much more than a simple detox. Because detoxification is not a one time magical fix, but a continuous bodily process. By energising every cell throughout your entire body, you will effectively on a larger scale energise every organ and as they function more effectively, your will automatically detoxify more than usual. A simple urine test can confirm that.

Past Science and Technologies.

I am sorry to inform you that NONE of the technologies or any copies thereof has anything to do with Dr. Royal Rife, Schuberger or Vortex technologies. Their names have been used in an attempt to claim they invented it along past scientific efforts. It is a con. It is interesting how each of these copies all claim to be the originator of the technology. Take the Mary Stagg’s device for example, the water module is the same as the Ion-Cleanse, while she continues to use information from other people’s websites and still claim that she is the originator of the/her technology. Yes, that is very original and very shameful.

I will agree with Paul above that you should be very careful about the different technologies because the ionization is a hoax. Free radicals in the body may damage your DNA in the long term, we do not really know yet. Don’t take the chance and produce any more.

The Original Technology.

The original technology is about Bio-Energy Therapy or Bio-Energy through water. It was called Bio-Electric Field Enhancement, BEFE. Now referred to as the Q ENERGYspa, the Q or simply BEFE. This technology was designed specifically to enhance the energy, already present within water, which when a body is immersed into, will absorb the bio-energy, much like a domino effect from cell to cell and as much as is needed at that time. The body then utilizes this boost of bio-energy to heal itself in the order of priority that it has within. It is an Australian invention by a company called Q Tech and has been used since 1996 all over the world with many benefits reported.

Remain a Sceptic, it is preferred.

It is preferred that you remain a sceptic, prove it for yourself. Take any of these technologies with the knowledge that it is about promoting all life and better health and treat seed, plants, animals and your self and see the results (Actually we do not recommend that you treat yourself). The true BEFE technology will amaze you, the rest will unfortunately not only disappoint you, but may make you very angry because they are dangerous. They kill seeds, where they should promote life and the long term effects from human use is yet to be estimated. It is just that the human body has such a fantastic repair mechanism that we do not notice anything in the short term. I have personally witnessed the iDetox (which is the Ion-Cleanse) come into Australia from the beginnings and I was appalled at the pale sick looking people, who looked fine only 6 months prior to starting with the iDetox (Is that like iSnack2.0). But I do believe in the short term benefit, so we are talking about the long term side effects. But they will not listen. Had I been in their shoes I would have hoped that I would have an open mind to at least listen and run a few trials first before completely breaking all forms of communications. Mr. Bob Moroney’s own son was listening, until other people got involved.
If you are interested in running a few experiments, please contact me, I will be happy to assist you with your trials and may be able to email you with a few links that may help.

1. Above all, ignore all the water colors and all the smells, they are irrelevant. There are far too many parameters that affect the outcome in the water, from the lunar cycle, to the temperature, humidity, altitude to the minerals and salts in the water and many more. See: http://www.qenergyspa.com/default.asp?contentID=70

2. If you have to add any more than a pinch of salt to normal tap water, then the unit is not performing the intended function in the water and is therefore not believed to have any benefits at all.

3. Check that the device does not use any normal switch mode power supplies or any other switching (dimmer type) technologies as it will be producing harmonic noise which will interfere with the resonance within the water.

4. Try it on a handful of seeds first. If the seed survive and thrive, then you may have a good product, if not do not use it on yourself as you will be doing more harm than good in the long term.

The above are my personal perspective on this very corrupt industry having worked with it for over 13 years and we are the people that started it all. When I think of why I became involved in this industry, I am ashamed to see what has become.

Kind regards

Ivan Krell Serensen B.Eng. A.D.Eng. A.D.M.C.


Paul says:

You are confusing the lame marketing of these companies, along with the lack of education and research, with exaggerated claims, by most to make a quick dollar without really discussing the true value of these products. Those that claim Rife had something to do with the invention may be on the right track, but Rife was best known for his radio frequencies that were exposed to cancer cells and claimed that these frequencies were able to destroy the cancer cells, modern research is still studying this possibility as a form of cancer treatment.

The process that occurs with most of these products is negative Hydrogen Ion Therapy which has proven to be very helpful in assisting humans in detoxification. This process occurs when an individual places a body part in water with DC current, ideally a stainless steel array, Sea salt as a conductive assistance, the H20 will split and the beneficial bi product that you do uptake via osmosis is negative hydrogen ions (H-) which will attach themselves to any free radicals and allow the body to naturally eliminate through the normal detoxification channels – sweat, urine, stool, breathing.

During the bath some cellular debris will be removed via osmosis, but most will be done through the bodies natural channels. The color of the water will change whether there is a human in the water or not because of the chemical reaction with the salt and arrays, the color will depend upon the region, minerals chlorination… Also any testing should be done on the person, not the water, for any results.

I have MS and have used a product called IonAlive it is a company that tells the truth and doesn’t exaggerate, they don’t have to because the results have been unbelievable. Two years ago I was on Oxygen every day to be able to function, I have been on Aricept and Namenda for my memory, these are both Alzheimer medications. My Neurologist has been aware of this therapy and feels it has been far more beneficial then any medication he has prescribed and he highly encourages me to continue with the ion therapy. I think you need to do some additional research and just be careful who you purchase from, make sure they are reputable and know what they are talking about.

There is a Dr. Paul Flanagan, in Washington, that has devoted over thirty years of his life to Negative Hydrogen therapy and has recently invented an oral supplement. You may also want to read about the Ion Channels that were recently discovered by two scientists that won the Nobel Peace Prize for their work. Hydrogen is one of the primordial elements that fuels the development of all life on Earth. Provided by the Sun as rays of light, human beings cannot live without Hydrogen.

While science refers to us as carbon-based life forms, man is actually a Silica-based and Hydrogen-based life form. All life on Earth is Hydrogen-based. When plants absorb sunlight, they store negatively-charged Hydrogen ions through the process of photosynthesis. When you eat unprocessed plants, your body’s cells utilize the nutrients in those plants and, perhaps more importantly, the electrical charge of the Hydrogen ions in those plants. When your body burns Hydrogen and Oxygen, it generates the energy you need for every single process of life. As a matter of fact, nearly every life form on the planet utilizes Hydrogen and Oxygen to generate energy. The key is that without Hydrogen, there is no life.

Hydrogen is the smallest known element in the Universe. All living things must have Hydrogen to sustain life. Hydrogen is the key to life, death, and aging. Without Hydrogen ions, there would be no life on Earth. Hydrogen ions are a key fuel and energy source for the human body. Negatively-charged Hydrogen ions can determine the overall health of every cell in the human body.

The human body must breathe to get Oxygen, and must eat and drink to get Hydrogen ions. Without breathing Oxygen, the body dies. Without eating or drinking sources of Hydrogen ions, the body has no source of energy and dies. The fact is that Human Cells need Hydrogen and Oxygen in order to generate the energy we call life. The primary source of Hydrogen ions for the human body are fresh uncooked plants, fruits, vegetables, and water. Due in no small part to mass food production, mineral deficient soil, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, over-processing of foods, the addition of chemical preservatives, and drinking over-chlorinated and over-fluoridated water, millions of individuals are not getting enough Hydrogen ions daily. Cell damage occurs when the body has insufficient Hydrogen ions (and sufficient Oxygen). The body’s cells become oxidized like Oxygen rusts iron.

When certain chemicals in the body lose an electron, they become positively charged (and are called “free radicals” or “oxidants”). These chemicals roam freely through the rest of the body stealing electrons from other cells. Free radicals damage cellular DNA. The human body is under siege by free radicals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pollution, chemicals, fumes, toxins, and other poisonous materials only add to the damage that the body endures on a daily basis. The amount of free radical damage is equivalent to the amount you have aged. The best known antioxidants prior to pure Hydrogen ion therapy were Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Green Tea Extract and Grape Seed Extract. Both Green Tea and Grape Seed Extracts have many times more antioxidant potential than either Vitamin E or Vitamin C.

Scientific evidence proves that Ion therapy is hundreds of times more powerful as an antioxidant than either Green Tea Extract or Grape Seed Extract. More importantly, because Ion Therapy is so pure, you get far more Hydrogen ions from one treatment than from eating pounds of raw fruits and vegetables.

I do think you are wise to warn you readers to be cautious with which company to buy from, but don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Paul