Tips on How to Prevent Flu and Colds This Winter

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Nobody wants to get the flu or a cold this winter. Since the season comes upon us, lots of people want to hinder these annoying ailments from taking hold. As there is no magic formula to avoid all sickness, there are certain things that can be done to lower your risk of contracting colds and flu. Below are some tips.

Vitamin D

According to a few sources, Vitamin D3 is the form best suited to prevent colds and flu. This vitamin does occur naturally in some foods, such as mushrooms, tuna, salmon, eggs, beef, and liver. Fish oils are also rich in Vitamin D3, and some food products have it added.

Getting sunlight is also an essential and practical means of acquiring Vitamin D3. Try to soak up a little winter sun here and there, even if it’s only your face that gets the sunlight. It’s fascinating to note that people who reside in extreme northern climates where there is little to no sunlight during the winter do not tend to be deficient in Vitamin D – this is probably since their diets include a lot of high-fat seafood.


Use plenty of garlic in your food preparation! Garlic has been shown to enhance the immune system, and research confirm its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Garlic is fairly inexpensive and can be added to a lot of dishes, or made a central part of the meal (as in pasta with garlic sauce). You may also take garlic supplements.

Vitamin C

vitamin c and flu, beating the flu, flu, colds, avoiding coldsIt’s an oldie but a goodie – Vitamin C is effective in preventing colds and flu. While citrus fruits are considered an excellent source of Vitamin C, fruits in many cases are transported long distances during the winter and vitamin loss can happen through citrus fruit’s porous skin. Other foods that are typically high in Vitamin C may be short on this vitamin in the winter. Therefore, you might want to take a daily supplement.

Keep Medications on Hand

It’s often considered most effective if you begin treatment at the initial sign of illness, especially if you choose natural or homeopathic treatments. Stock up on treatments like zinc lozenges, extra Vitamin C, antihistamines, herbs, and other treatments so you can get to them easily. You may be able to keep the cold or flu from taking hold if you begin treatment early on.

Get Lots of Rest

This might be one of the most crucial but most overlooked aspects of staying healthy. A worn-out body simply doesn’t combat sickness like a well-rested one, experts warn. Try to get at least 8 hours of quality sleep every night, ideally turning in before midnight.

Drink Herbal Teas

Although many herbal teas are useful to treat colds and flu, they may also prevent them. Herbs like lemon balm taste good and also possess anti-viral properties. Numerous health food stores offer special blends of herbs that make good-tasting, healthful teas that you can drink regularly to help avoid colds and flu.

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