Should I Buy Medication from an Online Provider that Advertises “No Prescription Required”?

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If you’re ill then the best course of action is to get proper regulated treatment from a qualified physician who will prescribe any medication that you need, such as Chemmart. You can then use the prescription to get your medication from a licensed pharmacist who provides a professional and safe service.

It can sometimes be tempting to save money by getting your medication from an online provider instead but you have to be very careful as a lot of these online medication suppliers are providing an illegal service and can be selling poor quality drugs. Obviously they can present a serious risk to your ongoing health.


So what is the problem with these sites?

The major issue with online drug providers is that it’s virtually impossible to regulate them; search on google for “no prescription required” and you’ll see literally millions of websites listed. Past research suggest that in excess of 90% of them will be illegal. Unfortunately these sites are now massively overshadowing the genuine drug supply websites.

It’s also really difficult to tell which websites are not genuine so there’s often no way of really knowing whether the drugs you’re getting are of the same quality that you’d get from your regular pharmacy. This being the case you’re playing a lottery with your health by putting something in your body when you’re not certain of its origins.

But isn’t cheaper medication a good idea?

In an ideal world everyone would have access to cheaper medication but unfortunately that isn’t the case. The US in particular is a hot bed of expensive drug provision. It’s a huge country with a massive potential market, so the pharmaceutical companies are keen to put their products out there. This can work in two ways, one positive, the other not as positive.

On the positive side it gives people access to a wide range of effective medication, on the negative side the provision of new quality medication can be expensive. With high expense comes an increase in people looking for a cheaper option. This is where illegal online sites come to the fore; their prices can appeal to individuals. The problem is that it’s false economy; you’re not paying for the same quality of medication so you’re not actually saving money.

The best way to save money

Buying medication from an online pharmacy is not the best way to save money on medication and it’s not a safe process, so how can you help your finances and still get safe medication? The best way to do this is to speak honestly with your physician and your pharmacist; they will understand. They may also be able to make some suggestions to you.

Maybe your physician can re-arrange your schedule so that you take a higher dose less often, or maybe they can prescribe a less expensive generic drug instead. These are both far safer ways of getting medication at a less expensive price.

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