How to Delay Skin Ageing

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As soon as you hit the mid 30s, it seems that the alarm clock has starting ticking faster. The fine lines and grey hairs you never took notice of earlier suddenly start appearing to be the only feature of your face. All your beauty flaws start becoming more apparent than ever. You start hunting for more creams and serums that can somehow give a few more years of radiant, healthy, glowing skin. No matter how much you invest in skin care products, you wake up every morning to droopier skin. However, a few changes in your diet, lifestyle, and attitude can help you delay skin ageing.

Here are a few tips that would work better than any of the expensive skin creams that you waste money on;

delay skin ageing

Sleep – As you approach your 40s getting sleep may become tougher. However, ample sleep is crucial to the health of your skin and your overall health. When you are sleeping, your skin undergoes the repair work. If you don’t get enough sleep, not only will you end up with hideous dark circles but also you’ll have droopy, lifeless skin.

Diet – taking care of what you eat becomes even more important as you age. It is not only for your skin but also for your overall health. Reduce the intake of calories, simple sugars, alcohol, and caffeine to bare minimum. Make fresh and colourful fruits and vegetables staple in your diet.

Don’t frown – The creases on your forehead from frowning can become permanent if you frown too much. Frowning also leads to development of crow’s feet around the eyes. In general, stress and negativity shows first on your face and then anywhere else. Stay away from stress to have happier skin.

Cold water – Make it a rule always to use cold water for the face. Warm water may feel very nice at the end of the day, but it leads to loss of moisture and hastens the ageing of the skin. Cold water will keep your skin tight for longer.

Apply cream in upward direction – No matter whether it’s a cream, a serum or a lotion, always apply the product in upward direction. This will minimise the wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Don’t rub too hard and be gentle with the towel too.

Water – Make water your best friend. Having enough water not only keeps your skin hydrated but also helps you get rid of the toxins easily. Drink a minimum of eight to ten glasses of water per day.

Clean face – Never, ever sleep with the makeup on your face, no matter how tired or sloshed you are. The dirt mixed with the makeup throughout the day can become a storehouse of acne and skin infections. It blocks the oxygen supply to the skin and worsen skin condition.

Stay away from sun – Remember, the sun is an enemy of the skin. The harmful UV rays can damage your skin irreparably. Always use a good quality sunscreen with the requisite SPF while stepping out in the sun. Carry a sunscreen along when out for long hours. Re-apply after every two-three hours.

Stay away from chemicals – Harsh chemicals can snatch away the essential oils from the skin and damage the skin. It’s is best to stay away from chemicals in all forms. For your skin care products too, opt for herbal-based creams and lotions. These have minimal chemical content and do not harm the skin.

Stay happy – Your attitude shows on your skin. Stress, worries, and tensions can take a toll on your skin and can make you look older than you actually are. Stay happy and it will be visible in your healthy and radiant skin.

About the Author:
Emily Kristina is a skin expert by profession. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with people. She regularly contributes her write ups to health or skin care related websites and blogs with most of her writings based on tips for best anti aging skin treatments. In her free time she loves to travel, fashion shows and music.

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nouran says:

The topic is very useful. Many women in their mid 30’s suffer from skin ageing. These tips are amazing as they are all natural and easy for any women to do. I think these tips if used with the use of the right creams of anti ageing, good results will be reached. Skin care is what makes every women look beautiful.

Abby says:

A very good post about ageing. Skin ageing is a part of anti ageing process. Using natural method like controlling diet, good sleep etc. will help to slow down this process and you have very carefully detailed here in this article. This post will be helpful for those who are interested in their skin care.