How Does My Health Affect Life Insurance Quotes?

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One question insurers are often asked is: “How does my health affect life insurance quotes?” In general, overall health is one of many factors which come into play when a quote is calculated. Others include occupation, leisure pursuits, age and even location.

An individual in peak health who regularly goes hang gliding and is a professional mountain survival guide may have a higher quote than someone with average health, who goes to the theatre and works at a desk in an office. The reason is that the quote is based on the overall risk and probability of the applicant dying prematurely. Health is one factor in this, but regular activities that the individual participates in are also relevant as the risk to life of possible accident or injury is a principle calculation for a life insurance policy.

In terms purely of health factors, those in perfect health are clearly the lowest risk to an insurer. However, in recognition of the fact that many of us live long lives with less than perfect, but adequate health, it is not automatic that you will get a high quote if you have health issues. The important point is how your health is at the current time and what steps you are taking to ensure that your health remains good into the future.

Therefore, even if you are on medication, for example for high blood pressure, if this can be proven to be maintaining your health and you present no further medical problems while taking this medication, then you may still be able to get a reasonable quote from for example. You may need to undergo a full medical check up so the insurer has full data on your current state of health, but there are many insurers who may still be able to help you at a reasonable cost.

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