Four Sports for Couples to Play Together

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The most effective exercise is the one you love and enjoy. By inviting your spouse or significant other to play a sport with you, you can turn that sport into a regular exercise routine. From tennis to basketball, there are plenty of enjoyable sports couples can choose to play together.


Although tennis takes skill and practice to play well, you and your spouse can have fun learning how to play together. During your tennis matches, you’ll quickly find yourself running all over the court to chase down the tennis ball. This sport will help boost your endurance and give your lungs a good workout. Before joining a tennis club to play indoors, check your local area for free outdoor courts. Be sure to invest in some high-quality equipment, such as Yonex tennis racquets.


If you can find an open patch of lawn, you can play Frisbee together. This cheap activity encourages you and your significant other to improve your endurance and build muscles in your arms. If you’re not used to throwing a Frisbee, your arms may feel sore the next day. This activity is perfect for couples who want to burn a few calories after dinner on a summer evening.


Badminton is a fun sport that even novices can enjoy. Although you may not be able to find a badminton net to use at your local park, you can still play with a volleyball net. As your skills improve, you and your spouse will enjoy this entertaining activity even more. Consider looking around for a local league or competition to join so that you can play together on the same team.


For couples looking for more chances to improve arm strength, basketball is the perfect choice. This healthy sport only requires access to a basketball court and a ball. Your local park may feature a few courts equipped with lights for an evening game. You don’t need to play a real basketball match to have a good time on the court. Try having a shooting competition to see who can score the most points from a specific location on the court.

Playing sports with your significant other will help you get to know each other better. If you’re tired of sitting together on the couch to watch television every night, these sports will give you something new to try. In addition, active participation in these sports will boost your overall fitness.

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