Brain Tumor Symptoms in Women

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There are no particular brain tumor symptoms in women that can be distinguished from symptoms of the condition in men. If someone is suffering from a brain tumor, they will exhibit some or many of the same symptoms, despite their gender. That being said, there is a higher prevalence of brain tumors developing in men, rather than women. Scientists and doctors do not really know the reason behind this, although they have identified some of the causes of brain tumors and brain cancers.

Causes of Brain Tumors and Cancer in the Brain

While the exact cause is not known for brain tumors in either men or women, there are quite a number of risk factors which might contribute to the development of this life threatening condition. These factors are gender, race, age, family history and exposure to certain environments.


It has been noted that white people are more likely to develop brain tumors than members of other races. Brain tumor symptoms in women who are white are no different to brain tumor symptoms in white men.


brain tumor, brain cancer, brain tumor symptomsBrain tumors more frequently appear in those who are over the age of 70, but keep in mind that the second most frequent type of cancer found in children is also the brain tumor (the first is leukemia). Very young children are more susceptible to brain tumors than older ones.

Family history

If you have had someone in your family who has suffered from a brain tumor or from gliomas, then you might be more likely to develop the disease as well.

Radiation and exposure to certain environments

Certain environments have also been known to contribute to increasing risks of brain tumors. Radiation is the first and most frequent reason why someone might develop a brain tumor and this can happen because of nuclear disasters (such as Fukushima or Chernobyl) or any other exposure to radiation (there is a higher risk if you work in a nuclear facility or in scientific research that involves radiation).

Certain jobs also expose people to chemicals and other substances that have been shown to increase the risk of brain tumors, such as formaldehyde (pathologists, embalmers), vinyl chloride (plastic factory workers) and acrylonitrile (textile workers).

Currently, many studies are being conducted as to whether cell phones and other wireless devices are risk factors for brain tumors, but no evidence for this has been turned up so far in the scientific literature. Similarly, even though the public commonly believes that head injuries and traumas to the skull can cause brain tumors, this is not necessarily the case either.

Symptoms of Brain Tumor  in Women and in Men

Women and men suffer many of the same symptoms if they are developing a brain tumor, but consider also that just because you have any or all of these symptoms does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from this condition.

Here are the most common of these symptoms:

  • Headaches – These are usually much worse in the morning, but keep in mind that many people also suffer from migraines and there could be other reasons why they are getting headaches (not drinking enough water, not getting enough fresh air, smoking, too much caffeine and many more).
  • Nausea or vomiting – When you vomit frequently or you have feelings of nausea, then your body is usually telling you there is something very wrong.

These two are among the most common symptoms of a brain tumor. Other symptoms include:

  • Changes in speech, hearing or sight
  • Issues with walking or balance

  • Mood swings, personality fluctuations, issues with concentration, memory problems

  • Muscle spasms, twitching, seizures

  • Numbness or tingling in extremities

Brain tumor symptoms in women and men can also be hidden, as in they might not even experience any of these symptoms at all before the brain tumor develops. This condition is one of the most difficult and notoriously dangerous to detect.

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