4 Super Healthy Foods and Why You Should Be Eating Them

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It should come as no great shock to people that some foods are healthier than others. Even among healthy foods, some are more valuable to the human body than others. The wellness and scientific communities have recently given these healthier foods the status of Super Foods. These foods have excellent nutritional value, without a doubt. However, they offer additional value to a degree that isn’t widely available in other foods—even those that are quite healthy to eat. Here are four of the healthiest foods you can get so you may want to make sure to include them in your diet as often as possible.


blueberriesIn addition to being jam packed with vitamin C and potassium, blueberries are also filled with powerful antioxidants and phytoflavinoids. Perhaps the most important feature these delicious fruits have, however, is their anti-inflammatory properties.

Eating ½ cup of blueberries daily is believed to greatly reduce the risk of certain kinds of illnesses, such as cancer and heart disease in addition to serving as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. When choosing blueberries, it’s important to remember that the darker berry is, the greater concentration of antioxidants it has to offer. Yes, organic is better wherever possible. If you can’t access them, wash them really well. Yes, it’s also okay to eat them frozen as they are healthy and often quite healthy as they are frozen at their peak of ripeness.


acaiChocolate lovers everywhere will rejoice at this delicious fruit’s inclusion on the list of Super Foods you should consider eating. Acai has an exciting blend of berry flavor with just a hint of chocolate taste. It’s like getting the flavor of chocolate without paying the price—it’s like cheating on your diet and knowing your dietician will approve!

Acai berries also have a rather large concentration of monounsaturated oleic acid. This particular fatty acid boosts the ability of omega-3 fatty acids to get beneath the surface of your cells so it can do an even better job of helping the body function more efficiently.


green_beansThese really are beautiful foods to eat. Not only are beans excellent sources of protein, but they are also vegetables that happen be packed full of powerful vitamins and antioxidants. Aside from soybeans, beans are low fat foods that have few calories and little sodium. They also are high in complex carbohydrates and fiber while offering small amounts of EFAs (essential fatty acids). With most beans these come in the form of omega-6. Soybeans, however, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Beans offer specific health benefits to those who suffer from diabetes. They are ranked low on the glycemic index and are fiber rich. The beautiful thing about beans is that they are incredibly versatile. Not only are there a lot of beans from which to choose but there are also many different ways to prepare them. It’s easy to change the flavor of beans completely by cooking them with a different set of herbs and spices or preparing them as dips or adding them to salads, sauces, or even for added flavor to your favorite soups and casseroles. The possibilities are endless and they are extremely budget friendly.

Chaga Mushrooms

chaga mushroomsWhile mushrooms have been overlooked and underestimated for the past couple of decades in mainstream society, they have been used for centuries by healers around the world. While some mushrooms do not fall into neat categories like other fruits and vegetables, they are in fact fungi, they provide the human body with many benefits that should not be easily overlooked.

These are just a few of the benefits many researchers believe that Chaga mushrooms, in particular, can provide the human body with: improved immune system health, better resistance to stress, better circulation, help for cold and flu, and more. Chaga has a higher rate of antioxidants than blueberries and acai berries, too. It’s not something you generally sauté up for a stir fry, though. Extract is used for tea, oil, cream, and as a dietary supplement.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of super foods but gives you an idea of the power of adding as many super foods as possible to your daily diet. Super foods can not only change the state of your health but also the way you view eating foods. If you aren’t including known super foods in your daily diet, it could be advantageous to make a few changes for the sake of your health and wellbeing.

Of course variety and diversity is important on your plate, too. You should not eat these to the exclusion of other important fruits and vegetables. You should instead, consume them in addition to a wide range of colorful fruits and vegetables each and every day. The wider the variety of different colors you consume, the greater the degree of nutrients you’ll enjoy the benefits of from day to day.

About the Author: David Vartanian writes articles about chaga mushrooms and other alternative health products at SayanHealth.com.

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I agree totally David about blueberries. They are one of the healthiest snacks you can eat and frozen, definitely. They make a great treat on a hot summer day.